"Racquet Power Weights®" for Improved Tennis Performance

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About Our Racquet Power Weights®

Increase Confidence Control Coordination

Developing confidence, control and coordination (the three C's), in hitting a tennis ball typically takes many hours of practice and strength building. Racquet Power Weights® facilitates faster development of the "three C's" in addition to strengthening the arm swing.

Adding weight to sporting equipment to increase strength has been used for years. In baseball, it's very common to see baseball players place a weighted ring around the bat while warming up in the batter's box. When the ring is removed, players immediately feel a lighter bat and improved timing in their swing. The weights for the tennis racquet provide similar, plus additional benefits.

Quality Design

Racquet Power Weights® are an original and exclusive product for racquet sports. There is nothing like it in the marketplace. Industrial designers, mechanical engineers and expert toolmakers have designed this device specifically for racquets to ensure its integrity and performance.

The weights are easy to attach and detach, they fit most racquets and will not damage or scratch the frame. Both beginners and experienced players will find that regular use of Racquet Power Weights® will improve their game.

The late Dr. Don Klotz, (Collegiate Hall of Fame Tennis Coach) and former Head Tennis Coach at the University of Iowa, was asked to test the weights. Additional benefits were discovered:

Dr. Klotz wrote the following after testing the weights:  "My experience was most favorable.  Contrary to my expectations, the added weight seemed to make no particular difference in timing.  When I went back to the racquet without the added weight I seemed to have additional control and an added confidence in my stroke and the direction of the ball.  So as far as this doubtful subject, me, is concerned, we can write an unqualified recommendation."

Racquet Power Weights The Game Changer

Racquet Power Weights The Game Changer

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