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History of Our Racquet Power Weights®

Racquet Power Weights® was first conceived in 1967 when Bob Livingston, of Des Moines, Iowa, had an idea for strengthening and improving the swing for tennis players. After over a year of testing the detachable weights and consulting with tennis instructors and physical trainers, the optimum additional strength training weight for the tennis racquet was determined to be 3 oz. Several prototypes were built.  Bob contacted Dr. Don Klotz (Hall of Fame Collegiate Tennis Coach) at the University of Iowa.  Dr. Klotz tested the prototype and also distributed the 3 oz pairs to several colleges throughout the Midwest.  Dr. Klotz test results were extremely encouraging and he wrote a wonderful letter to Bob providing "an unqualified recommendation" for the product. 

In 1973 Bob had the unique opportunity to meet with the world famous tennis pro, Poncho Gonzalez in Des Moines, Iowa.  Poncho was participating in a tennis tournament in Des Moines and agreed to review Bob's innovative device.  Poncho looked at Bob's rough prototype and indicated he thought it was a good idea. Poncho indicated he used other weight techniques for arm strengthening.  When Bob asked Poncho if he would be interested in endorsing the product when the final designs were completed, Poncho suggested that he was definitely interested.  

Why has it taken nearly 50 years to bring the product to market?  The answer is, Bob was 27 years of age at the time he developed the concept.  His income was moderate at best.  When he went to a manufacturer, he learned the cost of design and building a mold would be in the several thousands of dollars.  Not to mention expenses for marketing, packaging and distribution. The costs exceeded Bob's financial ability.  Consequently, Bob saved his research, Dr. Klotz letters, Poncho Gonzalez's interview notes and the product concept designs for another day. 

In 2012, Bob decided to resurrect his old idea.  He performed an extensive search to determine if there were any similar product on the market.  To his surprise, he couldn't find anything like it.

Bob decided to "bite the bullet" and move forward in the development of this important device.  He contracted with Mechanical Engineers and Industrial Designers to come up with the ideal design.  After several months of analysis and evaluation completed, Racquet Power Weights® became a reality.  The final design met all the criteria; appropriate weight, easy attaching and detaching, no scratching of the racquet, eye appeal and will fit most popular racquet brands.  The expectation is, the tennis community will embrace this new product and it will become a permanent tennis accessory.


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Racquet Power Weights The Game Changer

Racquet Power Weights The Game Changer

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